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Ruby Lantern


While shopping with her mom in Chinatown, she meets a familiar friend from their second journey to the Garden of Choice. How did he get here, she wonders? Before she can get an answer, he entrusts Addie with a brilliant, red stone and a letter from their dear friend Gemma. “You must return the stone to its rightful owner,” the letter urges. Who took the gleaming red jewel and how will they get back to that mysterious land? Gemma’s letter provides the clue. “Look for the Ruby Lantern. Th at is the gateway back.” Will they be able to find the right entrance and return the precious jewel to its owner? From Chinatown to the ancient halls of the British Museum, Addie B. and her cousins must find their way back to Gemma and return the jewel to its sacred place before it’s too late. Once there, they must traverse the dark Emerald Forest, fight off the menacing, flying “Swirls” and face their powerful enemy, Daiyu, in a fierce battle. Will Daiyu keep Addie B. and her cousins from returning the jewel? Will Gemma and her white wolf Jumani be there to help them? Read on to discover how Addie B. and her cousins, with the help of their magical stones, go to the rescue once again of their dear friends in the ever-changing world of Ambra.

Awards for The Heath Cousins and the Ruby Lantern