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Available Spring, 2024



Stella and the Sea Stars

Twelve-year-old Stella’s world is crashing down around her. Her parents are divorcing, and she is angry and hurt. To make it worse, she is being “sent away” from her home in New York City to her grandmother Wenna’s house on the tiny Coral Island in Florida while her parents try to “figure things out”.

Join Stella on her incredible journey in ‘Stella and the Sea Stars’, where she discovers the magic of the sea stars and unravels the secrets of her family’s past. As Stella navigates the challenges of her parents’ divorce, she finds solace and support from her newfound friends, Nixie and Bix, who together form the ‘Broken Sea Shell Club’. Explore the enchanting Coral Island and its ancient lighthouse with Stella, Nixie, Bix, and their loyal companion, Peg Leg. Uncover hidden treasures, unearth lost love stories, and embark on an unforgettable quest. Dive into a world of adventure, imagination, and discovery. Join us on this extraordinary journey soon!